About SIP

Social Innovation Park Ltd (SIP) (www.socialinnovationpark.org) is a home-grown, impartial, non-profit organisation founded in 2006 to Educate, Empower and Enhance social entrepreneurs and innovators from the Private, Public, and People (3‘P’) sectors. Our vision is to build a more sustainable, inclusive and better world, through cross-sector, high-impact and sustainable solutions to social needs.

Through its many initiatives, SIP has inspired thousands across the world and won the meritorious Most Prestigious Brand Award (Singapore) in 2009, making us the youngest ever organization to receive such an award.  SIP's collaborations with Mediacorp and Channel News Asia have resulted in many signature programs such as the 8-part TV series “Changemakers”, “Social Inc”, and “Cradle of Life”. Our Pop and Talent Hub (PaTH) program has also been profiled in numerous media and provided self-employment opportunities for more than 100 local social entrepreneurs from marginalized communities. SIP's partnership with NETS has put into circulation more than 550,000 NETS Cashcards printed with artwork by marginalized artists. We have also inspired and incubated many local social enterprises such as 18 Chefs, SEA, O School, Laksania and Teddy Tots.


To be the exchange for ideas, network and innovations to build a more inclusive, sustainable and better world. 


SIP's mission revolves around the 3 'E's - to Educate, Empower and Enhance. 
SIP  Educates the people, public and private sectors on the principles of social entrepreneurship and innovation. It  Empowers social entrepreneurs and innovators with a shared resource pool and  Enhances such set-ups by leveraging on the power of both local and international networks to provide access to resources, cutting edge business ideas and best practices. 
More information is available at www.socialinnovationpark.org.

Pop & Talent Hub (PaTH):  an initiative of Social Innovation Park Ltd (SIP), is Singapore’s first social enterprise talent development platform. PaTH champions social entrepreneurship via the arts by developing creative PaTH talents from traditionally marginalized groups. Through the initiative, PaTH talents gain access to mentors, networks, and commercial sales platforms that give them opportunities to develop their talents  to create a sustainable business ventures. At the same time, PaTH instigates a mindset change in the community by showing that every person can positively contribute to society.
More information is available on www.popandtalenthub.com.

The  Global Social Innovators Forum (GSIF):  serves as a platform to bring together regional and world leaders of the public, private, and people sectors. GSIF was started by Social Innovation Park Ltd (SIP) to build a network of thought-leaders and change-makers across all sectors to create social innovations around the world.
More information is available at www.socialinnovatorsforum.org

Giants In Conversation (GIC): is a series of events that features distinguished global speakers from around the world. GIC sessions are educational and inspiring for partners, stakeholders and students with a keen interest in social entrepreneurship and innovation. Topics range from entrepreneurs hip to global issues and the sessions serve as a platform for the exchange of ideas and innovations on those topics. 

Chatterbox:  A series of workshop and discussion sessions targeted at and led by local social entrepreneurs and innovators. Participants  discuss various issues and corresponding solutions pertaining to Social Entrepreneurship and Innovation. Chatterbox provides a platform for the exchange of ideas and innovative solutions among community leaders, social entrepreneurs and innovators, and st udents while it builds a supportive and resourceful social entrepreneurial community in Singapore.