About Global Social Innovators Forum (GSIF) 2014   - 28 November 2014

Global Social Innovators Forum (GSIF) is fast becoming Asia’s cutting-edge platform for world-class leaders and innovators from the 3’P’ sectors (Private, Public, People) to collaboratively create new paradigms and solutions to economic, social and political challenges.Every year, we attract between 50-80 high-profile speakers and over 300 delegates from 25-35 countries. GSIF has garnered much publicity in prestigious media such as The Wall Street Journal, BBC, CNBC and Xin Hua News.

This year GSIF 2014 will be a 1 day forum and is relevantly themed "Inclusive Innovation: Shaping Our Future”. Extremely relevant and timely, we deliberate on the following pressing issues- What is the future of businesses, leadership and societies underscored with complexity, interdependence and change today? While embracing it and moving forward has become the norm, how do we ensure it is truly sustainable? Have we found the holy grail of both Inclusion and Innovation coming together as a whole, straddling leadership, businesses, societies, technologies and products?

GSIF 2014 intends to ignite these questions, while aiming to generate 3 million eyeballs locally and worldwide, 1,000 new ideas for an inclusive society and 100 new collaborations between the Public, Private and People sectors that will impact 100,000 lives.